Temple of the Serpent Baphomet Demo '04

by ChaosBaphomet

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released June 6, 2004



all rights reserved


ChaosBaphomet Athens, Greece

CHAOSBAPHOMET formed by Ravenlord Wampyri Draconium of Empire Of The Moon and Iapetos 666 of Unholy Archangel in 33 Anno Satanas with the purpose to experiment in the Satanic Dogma through Black Metal Art.

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Track Name: Smash the Cross with Infernal Power
Total hate total wrath
Turns me a demon with bestial lust
For the fucking judeochristianity
And the false crucifix

I summon my ancient instincts
And demons from mighty Hades
To give to me infernal power and
The vengeance from the dark

To smash the cross of the lier
To burn the churches of the holy
To kill all the priests of love
And the angels of jehovah

SMASH the cross with infernal power
KILL the angels of pure hate
RAPE the origin with total lust
BURN the churches with cruel wrath

SMASH the cross with infernal power
BURY the lambs with vengeance manin
DESTROY the heaven DESECRATE christ
TEAR down the laws of the miserable god...
Track Name: Sons of the Black Skies (Defenders of Eternal Darkness)
Under the blackest skies
We're blessed with the immortal flames
Thy flame that gave us birth
Thy fire that'll take their lifes...

Thirsty for blood and christian flesh
Victories fed our lifes
As the god ot the underworlds
Attended our crusade with pride...

RESTORE THE (two hard decodable words left)
They screamed from the graves...

RESTORE the moon
Sons of the black skies...

DELIVER US THE DARK (one hard decodable word left)
Defenders of the eternal darkness